Three Branches of Government
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Florida’s government is run with the same basic checks and balances in places that the federal government is run with. Registered voters in the state of Florida vote to elect representatives to run the government.

The Florida government is divided into three branches the executive, the legislative, and the judicial.

The executive branch administers and enforces the laws of the state. The elected governor is the head of the executive branch and carries out the laws of Florida and is responsible for maintaining the state budget. Working along side the governor of Florida are the Lieutenant Governor and the cabinet composed of the Attorney General, Chief Financial Officer and the Commissioner of Agriculture.

The legislative branch of the Florida government is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. They are the law making portion of government regulating how cities and counties operate. There are 40 senators in Florida and 120 Representatives representing 120 districts throughout the state.

The judicial branch of the government is the court system which is made up of various levels. They are responsible for interpreting the laws of the state. The highest level in the judicial branch is the Supreme Court of Florida. The Supreme Court has 7 judges which have all been appointed by the governor. Each judge in the Supreme Court serves for six years. The District Court of Appeals has over 50 judges who are elected to serve six year terms. The Circuit Court has 20 judicial circuits and judges that are elected by the people for six year terms. County Courts are found in each county of Florida and have at least one judge each that is elected for a six year term.

Tallahassee is the capitol city of Florida. This is where the Governor, Senate and House of Representatives govern the state.